4919EVZ-WorldSeries-poster-14-09-26smlIn October of 1989, Christmas came early. My brother offered me a ticket to attend Game Three of the 1989 World Series between the Oakland A’s and my favorite team, the San Francisco Giants. I grew up in the city and worked at Candlestick for five years as a teenager, so I jumped at the chance.

In film school, we were always taught to bring a camera along to special events, as you never know what might occur. I had my Dad’s Magnavox VHS camcorder, which was a very decent unit for the time. I also brought along my still camera and lots of film to properly record my very first World Series game.

I covered the mood and pageantry outside the stadium before entering and taking our seats. Around five pm, I was hungry and went to get some hot dogs for my brother and I. Four minutes later, the earth shook and everything changed.

I decided to stay in the city for the intervening ten days before the re-start of the series, capturing news stories off the TV and shooting scenes of destruction around San Francisco with my video and still camera. My brother and I returned to Game Three and it was a very emotional experience.

The film won an award at the Accolade International Film Festival in 2014. It’s an eyewitness account of one of the most remarkable events in baseball and American history.