Arnold Hano, subject of Jon’s film, “Hano! A Century in the Bleachers” dies at age 99.

Hail and farewell to Arnold Hano, one of the most prolific writers of the 20th century, as well as the pen behind one of baseball’s most iconic books, “A Day in the Bleachers.

Jon and Arnold spent two years making the film and another year touring it around the country, culminating in a special screening at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, where it resides with Arnold’s baseball papers. During that time, a great friendship bloomed between two southpaws passionate about baseball and baseball history.

Lost Treasure Found! “Consider the Source: A Visit with Greg Goossen”

In October of 2010, Jon was making his breakout documentary, “Not Exactly Cooperstown,” about the Baseball Reliquary. Among the many luminaries interviewed, former Major League slugger Greg Goossen stood out for his candor, wit, and top-shelf storytelling chops.

Sadly, four months later, Greg passed away. Jon finished the film, which included a snippet from that 40-minute interview with Greg. Nearly ten years later, Jon re-discovered the interview with “Goose,” and it was pure gold. Working closely with the Goossen family, Jon produced an affectionate portrait of one of the greatest characters in baseball history.

Jon’s Cinematic Love Letter to Baseball, “108 Stitches”

During the pandemic, Jon created a number of new baseball films, chief among them “108 Stitches.”

The 13-minute documentary short features people from across the baseball spectrum: fans, photographers, scorekeepers, Little Leaguers, former big leaguers, coaches, women who played in the All-American’s Girls Baseball League, and more.

These interviews segments were shot for Jon’s “Sweet Spot” series, and uses his signature question at the end of every interview he conducts about baseball when he puts a new ball in their hands and asks, “when you hold that ball in your had, what does your heart and soul say?”

Their answers will surprise you!

3 of Jon’s Films added to new SaltBoxTV Streaming Service!

Saltbox TV is the first-ever streaming service dedicated to connecting older adults with diverse, informative, and engaging programming. The new service is in over 4,000 senior communities across America, and they have added three of Jon’s films to their selections: “Hano! A Century in the Bleachers,” “The Adventures of Superfan!”, and “108 Stitches.”

Three of Jon’s Films Selected for the 2019 Baseball Film Festival!

Three films from Jon’s streaming series, “The Sweet Spot,” will be screened at the 14th annual Baseball Film festival at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown on Saturday, September 21: “Remembering Ernie Banks,” “The Lady is an Ump,” and “Bat Boy: My First Day as a Yankee.”



“Shutout! The Battle America Women Wage to Play Baseball” has been selected for screening at the 5th annual Women’s Film Festival in Philadelphia, PA, and the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The film screened at the WFF on March 16 and will play in Santa Monica at the AFF on Sunday, April 28, at 10:40am at the Laemelle Film Center at 1332 2nd St. Jon will appear with two baseball pioneers in the Q&A: journalist Lisa Nehus Saxon (formerly of the Los Angeles Daily News) and coach Justine Siegal, who is also the executive director of Baseball for All, an organization that provides opportunities for girls to coach, play, and umpire baseball.

Purchase “Shutout” at AFF tickets here:



Jon traveled his “Diamond Dames” experience to southern California for a packed house at the Whittwood library in Whittier, CA, on March 21, 2019.

Pioneering umpire Perry Barber reprised her role as special guest, and was joined by another, Dodgers superfan Emma Amaya. Perry and Jon performed “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” again and introduced a special guest, Steve Nagy from Rep. Linda Sanchez’ field office. Rep. Sanchez plays on the congressional baseball team and Steve shared her advocacy for women in baseball.

Jon screened films featuring Perry, Emma, and Maybelle Blair and Shirley Burkovich of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (1943-1954).

A spirited Q&A session followed the screening, which led to a book signing of Jon’s book “Baseball Pioneers,” as well as a special baseball card signing by Perry and Emma.