About Jon Leonoudakis

Welcome to my world of professional projects: over twenty years of adventures in art, culture, and history in film, video, multimedia and dimensional storytelling!

My projects have been viewed and experienced by millions worldwide, and six of my documentaries are in the permanent collection of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, as well as the UCLA Film & Television Archives.

From huge projects for clients like Walt Disney Imagineering to micro budgets for my own documentaries, they share a common denominator: the joy of leading teams to tell engaging stories that touch the heart and soul.

You can learn about my credentials, past and current projects, and my approach to producing in the “Background” tab above.

Original Music clips from Jon’s Documentaries

All compositions by Shakedown Mambo

Latest tweets

  • “I don’t know if Howard Zinn was a baseball fan, but I’m sure that the author of A People’s History of the United States would have loved the documentary film Not Exactly Cooperstown. Just as Zinn told the story of America from the perspective of its rebels and outcasts, Not Exactly Cooperstown looks at baseball from a bottom-up point-of-view.” - The Huffington Post    
  • The Day the World Series Stopped is somber where it should be, light and even uplifting the rest of the way” - SF Weekly    
  • “Hano! is a beautiful film about an old man who doesn’t know he’s old…he is so much more than his achievements, and so is this documentary.” - John Thorn, MLB Official Historian    