Jon celebrated Women's History Month by touring his latest film and book from "The Sweet Spot" TV series from San Diego to San Francisco. The film, "Shutout! The Battle American Women Wage to Play Baseball", tells the story of over a hundred years of gender discrimination against American women, celebrates those who've succeeded in spite ... More


My PR firm, Rick Cerrone Communications, set me up with 20 interviews with local, national, and syndicated radio programs across the US to talk baseball, Season Three of the Sweet Spot, and the 2017 World Series. It was a whirlwind, but fascinating and enjoyable to meet so many different people across the country. KCBS - SAN FRANCISCO: ... More


  The entire season is dedicated to "A Star-Spangled Scandal" - the systematic exclusion of girls and women from baseball for over a hundred years, continuing to this day. All nine episodes explore the social, cultural, and historical factors that drove this exclusion, stories from players, coaches, parents, and analysis by ... More

11/11/17: The Sweet Spot – Live! Los Angeles Premiere with Special Guests!

Our afternoon of baseball and storytelling was a grand slam, bringing together baseball and culture fans from across the Southland. World Champion pitcher Jim "Mudcat" Grant, former Yankee batboy Matthew McGough, and writer Ron Rapoport kept the crowd in rapt attention from start to finish. More

Jon’s New Venture “The Sweet Spot” on Amazon Prime!

Check out Jon's newest venture -- The Sweet Spot -- on Amazon Prime now! More

Hano! Film Festival and Screening News

Hano! wins its first film festival prize, receiving a Spotlight Documentary Film “Silver Award”. Hano! was an official selection of the Irvine International Film Festival, screening on January 17, 2016 with Arnold in attendance. The 2016 Gasparilla International Film Festival (March 30-April 3) has selected Hano! for screening in ... More

Jon gets in touch with his inner Willie Mays.

2016 San Francisco Giants Fantasy Camp Recap

In January of 2016, I was able to experience a major item on my bucket list: spending a week playing baseball at the Giants Fantasy Camp, being coached by former players like Mike McCormick and Vida Blue. I’d not played organized baseball in some 44 years and  spent six weeks preparing for camp at a local baseball academy. I went ... More features Jon’s story about Monte Irvin from “Hano!”

Jon’s promo clip created for Hano! about Hall of Famer Monte Irvin was picked up by, posted on their web site and sent out as part of their daily e-mail newspaper. Arnold Hano and Ray Robinson remember a special weekend with Monte and their families from 1963. Arnold Hano and Ray Robinson remember Monte Irvin from Jon ... More

Arnold Hano and Jon take a break from filming the documentary Hano! in May of 2015.

Hano! wins its first film fest prize, a Spotlight Documentary Silver Award

The film has been chosen as an official selection of the Irvine International Film Festival in Irvine, CA. Arnold Hano will attend to participate in Q&A. More

Jon Leonoudakis holding two-tone bat, 2016

Jon attending the San Francisco Giants Fantasy Camp

Jon is attending the San Francisco Giants Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona to play baseball for a week, coached by ex-Giants like Mike McCormick and Vida Blue. This scratches off a big item from the bucket list, and I have actually been in training for six weeks to be in shape and honed my baseball skills. I’ve not played organized ... More