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“Diamond Dames” event at the San Francisco Public Library

Diamond Dames is a celebration of women in the national pastime featuring a trio of original documentaries presented by award-winning filmmaker Jon Leonoudakis. Women have always played a role in baseball, as far back as 1866, when Vassar College women formed teams, to the 1940s with the All-American Girls Professional Bas... More

“Raceball” Film Event Comes to San Francisco Library for Black History Month

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 4, 2019 “RACEBALL” FILM EVENT COMES TO SAN FRANCISCO LIBRARY FOR BLACK HISTORY MONTH A white catcher sabotaging a black pitcher, telling the opposing hitter what pitch to expect. Ted Williams standing up to racism in Louisiana. Almost 60 years before Colin Kaepernick, a black baseball ... More

Jon’s 2019 Screenings in San Francisco and L.A.

Jon will be presenting screenings of his films for Black History Month (“Raceball”) and Women’s History Month (“Diamond Dames”) in February and March, and another in October for the 30th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake. The “Raceball” program features Jon’s films about Jackie Robinson and Jim ... More